The Truth About Discount Travel Deals

If you live in a city of more than 5, chances are you’re subscribed to LivingSocial or Groupon emails. If you’re unfamiliar, these are websites that sell vouchers for products, services and events (vacations, concerts and such) at highly discounted rates. You could get a pedicure for $14, a flight and four-night stay in the Bahamas for $599, a ticket to a James Taylor concert for $20 (I snagged that deal!) or yoga classes for $40. Obviously, these seem like great deals.

But, caveat emptor if you are considering purchasing your next vacation with one of these discount sites. Christopher Elliot, Washington Post writer and travel blogger, says you should think twice before clicking “buy.” LivingSocial has faced its own set of challenges, including plummeting profits and a dwindling staff, and reviews from unsatisfied customers probably won’t help.

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