How a $458 International Fare Becomes $1,165

I’m planning to visit the U.K. in a few months, so I’ve been looking through flight schedules to see what my options might be. Although I’ll likely pay with miles, I took a look at how the fare broke down. Now, I’ve always been aware that the fare itself is often significantly cheaper than the taxes and fees on an international flight, but I was still a bit surprised by what I learned.

As some background on the flight I chose, I searched for an eight-day roundtrip fare from Washington – Dulles International Airport (IAD) to London, Great Britain (LON). Delta assigned its partner airline, Virgin Atlantic, and set me up for an arrival at London – Heathrow Airport (LHR). I didn’t select any upgrades, and I didn’t opt for a “Pay with Miles” eligible trip.

Here’s how a $458 airfare becomes $1,165:

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