Crowd-Sourcing Travel

Greetings from Washington! I’m back from my Canadian adventure (more on that later), and I’m already planning my next trip. This time, I’m heading back to London to see the sights, visit friends and watch my beloved Arsenal take on Manchester United at Emirates Stadium.

I’m going to have three or four days in the middle of the trip to explore outside of England, so I’m crowd-sourcing to determine where I should go. Here are the parameters:

1. It must be accessible by affordable transportation. Examples of these include: Ryan Air, Easy Jet, EuroStar, Virgin Trains, etc.

2. It must be safe for a twentysomething female to visit alone.

3. It must not be below freezing during the winter.

So, send me your ideas and details of why I should visit! I’ll post the best ones here and give you all the credit, of course.


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